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Artificial Intelligence

FRTB (the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book) is triggering a radical overhaul in approach, reporting of end-of-day risk and PnL. At Delta Capita, we are reinventing this process, providing technology quants as well as operations for market risks and product control on a mutualised basis.


Delta Capita is committed to reinventing post-trade through our managed services. We offer technology-powered managed services in the post-trade space on a mutualised basis, saving banks substantial amounts of money and providing structured models for all asset classes.

Customer Experience

Delta Capita is helping to reinvent digital servicing by offering a digital platform that delivers effortless customer journeys and more value for your business. Klarion is a modular solution for digital enablement that features live collaboration, visual IVR, digital forms and e-sign.

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Reinventing the digital P&C Claims customer journey

Across the globe, insurers are more concerned about technology than any other potential risk. Weighed down by legacy IT programs and infrastructure, modernising software usually...
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Demystifying Data Science and Analytics

In our demystifying whitepaper, we provide a non-technical look at some of the main topics in data science and analytics, like, dark data and NLP,...

Machine learning security risks in Financial Services

Discover in our latest whitepaper the unique categories of exploits that can be used to attack ML systems and how we can help you prevent...