Consulting & Solutions

End-to-end consulting & solutions model, backed up by a

high-quality delivery capability, specialist managed services & innovative products


KYC / CLM, incl. remediation, data sourcing, screening,

reference data and transaction monitoring


Full suite of validation, settlement and other trade

lifecycle services across all asset classes

Front Office Pricing & Risk

Multi-tenant trade capture, pricing and

risk management across all asset classes

perfORM Due Diligence Services

perfORM is an innovative, highly flexible

and technology driven third party ODD service offering



Managed Services

About us

Delta Capita Group (a member of the Prytek Group) is a global consulting, solutions and managed services provider.

Delta Capita has a unique combination of experience in Financial Services and technology innovation capability.

Headquartered in London with offices around the world, we work with the world’s top financial institutions to help them comply with regulations, simplify operations, reduce costs and innovate their business models and leverage leading fintechs.

Prytek, a multinational corporation headquartered in Singapore, focuses on technology investments and operations-as-a-service companies, with a $300m diverse portfolio across fintech, edutech, artificial intelligence, cyber security and human resources. Delta Capita are the financial services arm of Prytek, bringing a range of innovation and technology to its clients.

Delta Capita has made the prestigious FT 1000 fastest growing companies list for the second time.

  • FS Specialist

    DC specialises in the financial services sector working with the world’s most important financial institutions (FIs)

  • Industry Standardisation & Cost Mutualisation

    DC helps financial service companies take advantage of the sharing economy through consortia and managed utility service models.

  • Managed Services

    DC delivers managed services in high expertise/business critical functions that, until now, have largely been performed in-house

  • Common Domain Infrastructure

    DC’s cohesive “Common Domain Infrastructure” (CDI) for Capital Markets gives clients the benefits of scale… wrapping process, technology and people into services

  • FinTechs as Platform Accelerators

    DC partners with FinTechs as platform accelerators – not always possible inside a large FI – we design and build to what will be “modern” in 3-5 years time

  • Strategy led by Experts

    DC strategy is driven and executed by a seasoned management team emanating from C-level in major global FI’s

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