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Reinventing the Consultancy Model

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At Delta Capita we have expert consultants. As an enthusiastic and decisive business transformer in our Benelux team, Ruben Velstra has more than ten years of experience in the financial sector, focusing on digital transformation, KYC, and CLM. Data science, RPA, and workflow management tooling are just a few of the operational updates and issues he handles regularly, as Ruben is a specialist in cutting-edge technology.

Always looking for a new challenge, Ruben decided to join Delta Capita to gain access to assignments that would have been impossible to procure as an individual consultant. Being thrown in the deep can be scary and stressful, but in the end, those situations provide the steepest learning curve. Now, a few years later, Ruben is a principal consultant with a knack for translating new technology possibilities to solve actual business problems and helping clients reinvent their operations.  

“The best thing about being a consultant at Delta Capita is the fact that we always collaborate with the customers and aim for results that stick. We do not take over an assignment, manage it in isolation, or push products,” says Ruben. ” We design and develop new services and tools and leverage the substantial FinTech portfolio from our parent company, Prytek. This gives us ample opportunities to find the right fit for a client’s problems in our own portfolio, but at Delta Capita, we know there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. We do not just copy-paste methods from a previous situation but design a tailor-made approach based on specific client needs.

To enable our consultants to pursue customised approaches, we leverage our sector knowledge. With a financial-sector focus, consultants get the opportunity to specialise and master the processes, challenges, and opportunities specific to the banking, asset management, pensions and insurance sector. In addition, our consultants also combine their consulting skills with a strong execution power. Consultants with Delta Capita do not only give thorough advice or draft a plan but also manage the new processes implementation until the client’s goals are realised. That is why our clients consider our consulting firm a trustworthy and valuable partner.

Not only is our approach to the client customised, but our approach to our employees is just as tailor-made.

“Most of us have a broad knowledge of the sector and are deployed in a wide range of assignments,” says Ruben. “But if you want there is also an option to specialise yourself even further in a sub-sector or in specific kinds of projects. Since we have so much expertise in-house, we also like to share our knowledge and help each other. Everything at Delta Capita highlights how the partners are in it for the long term and not just for the short-term profit.”

In other words, we are not just helping clients reinvent their essential operations, but we are also reinventing the workplace. Through encouraging innovation, collaboration, and specialisation, we ensure that our technology, policies, and people will always be future-ready.

Want to join the team? You can learn more about working at Delta Capita and view our current available positions on our website.