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Reinventing Men’s Health: Creating a Healthy Workplace

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Taking care of our health and wellbeing has never been more important than during the COVID-19 pandemic. But even before 2020, men’s health had its own challenges. For example, 45% of men cite work as a barrier to working out, and only 67% of men believe they meet the UK’s recommendations for physical activity. To learn more about how firms can reinvent the workplace to be healthier, we spoke to our CEO, Joe Channer, during International Men’s Health Week. Joe highlighted the importance that exercise plays in his life, including how a healthy body helps achieve a healthy mind.

“It is very important to me to stay fit and healthy – it makes me feel good physically and mentally,” says Joe, “In my job, the days can be long and, at times, quite stressful. I find exercise helps me keep a clear mind, achieve increased energy, and improve my endurance at work. I make sure that I balance my exercise both cardio and strength and conditioning, and whenever possible I try to work out with friends or play a sport socially to make it as enjoyable as possible.”

Joe’s passion for exercise and the benefits it brings has also led to him starting his own social enterprise in this space. StormLDN is a community boxing gym that supports an academy for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them benefit from the enjoyment and discipline of sport, apprenticeship, and mentorship. 

“This project allows me to be involved in two things I’m passionate about, the sport of boxing and helping young people.  Being involved with mentoring the kids personally and sharing their journey is hugely rewarding.”

With a busy schedule, exercise can often become a forgotten task on the never-ending to-do list. So, we asked Joe how he makes the time for this.

“I make it a priority by giving it time at the start of my day. Choosing to start exercise at the beginning of the day raises my metabolism and mentally prepares me for the day ahead,” says Joe, “I always take several calls each day out of my working environment and whilst walking. I also make sport part of my social life. For example, playing tennis or golf means I can combine fitness and social time into my weekend.”

At Delta Capita, wellbeing isn’t just a box that needs to be checked off. Instead, we keep fitness high on the agenda through events, such as Virtual Yoga and Mental Health Awareness sessions, and sharing hints and tips via our ‘Live Well, Work Well’ newsletter. Find out more about Working at DC here.