Cut your CLM operating and tech costs by up to 40% with Karbon

The AI-driven CLM platform empowers financial institutions to automate time-consuming processes and reduce costs

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Automate CLM due diligence and tasks with Karbon, so your team can focus on high-risk processes and value-add services

The Karbon end-to-end client lifecycle management platform uses cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and contextual analytics to generate the needed business intelligence to automate processes. Karbon accurately and automatically aggregates and processes structured, and even unstructured data in real-time from countless internal and external sources, eliminating manual searching processes.

Easy to use

The clear, easy-to-navigate platform and dashboard means required data is always at your fingertips. 

Working alongside or on top of your other systems, integrating Karbon is easy and fast. Flexible and configurable orchestration capability empowers you to smoothly implement your own workflow and rules.

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Leveraging AI and a context search engine, the platform continuously evolves, digitizes, learns, and self improves its ability to analyze and predict occurrences. The platform is modular, so you can select the components required now, and add more components later if and when you need them.

Reports and dashboards
Workflow engine

Entity resolution and enrichment
Data extraction from unstructured documents