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Strategic Advisory

Delta Capita has invested in a leadership team with deep experience in accountability for the complex client, risk and cost environments of financial services. With decades of experience in managing risk, operations, technology, COO and compliance functions as well as holding formal SMR and regulatory roles, we understand the different pressures of leadership within financial services. We are uniquely placed to be your strategy-thinking partners as you chart your course. Our services include:

  • Business model reviews across client segments, asset classes, products and geographies
  • Sourcing model reviews across provider types and geographies
  • Utility and mutualised processing platform evaluations
  • Workforce restructuring
  • Transformation programme design

Strategic Delivery

At Delta Capita, we offer end-to-end change projects led by industry experts. Our strategic transformation delivery team has over 20 years of industry experience in entity restructuring, operating model review, regulatory change and due diligence.

  • Increasing revenue through new products, new market strategies and platform design.
  • Reducing costs through workforce strategising, legal entity simplification and operating model redesign.
  • Increasing efficiency through resource productivity, process optimisation and productivity-technology implementation.

Agents of Change

At Delta Capita, we are experienced, practitioner-led change agents. We use our tried-and-tested methodologies to tackle problems and deliver successful, large-scale projects. We are backed by cutting-edge technologies that add value to the strategy, analysis and delivery stages of a project, enabling re-use, accuracy and speed of delivery.

We work by leveraging proven, consulting-led approaches to achieve strategic goals. One of our principal change-preparation methodologies is DC Modus, a tool that creates prime target operating model mapping functions across entities, to find inefficiencies and automate processes. DC Modus has been used to plan £3-billion worth of investments through 95 engagements, over the 18 years since it has been in development. 

Our work covers the entire financial services industry, including retail, investment and corporate banking, wealth management, insurance and fintech. Our repertoire boasts a myriad of successful transformation projects in group-level legal entity change – including cost, revenue and business perspectives. This means that we have the experience required to implement processes and technologies for any change project. We get to know organisations inside-out, finding the right fit for each one. Our speciality projects cover cost-takeout, IPU, ESG and due diligence.

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