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Work that Makes a Difference: Reinventing CDD Through Teamwork

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At Delta Capita (DC), we help clients ensure integrity in their organisational structure. We do this, among other things, by providing specialised analysts. In this capacity, Samuel van Swol recently started as a Junior CDD Analyst at a large Dutch bank. Full of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, Samuel wants to develop in his role as an analyst focusing on settling crypto files in the coming years.

From the start, I chose to work with DC because they are a global provider of managed services, consulting and people & technology solutions, employing 200+ KYC Analysts and Specialists from several service locations. There is so much knowledge in-house at DC in the field of KYC from consultancy, analyst and technological perspective. Together with our clients we have long term partnerships, helping them with their actual challenges.

Within DC, you will work in a team of enthusiastic colleagues from all over the world. Colleagues who ask the best of themselves and encourage you to grow. Our team recognises that for the company to be successful, employees need to find success, too.

I received an incredible amount of freedom and responsibility from day one, and I had space to develop. From the beginning I felt very trusted and empowered. Among other things, DC offers me a high quality of both in-house and external training. Through close contacts with my senior colleagues and managers within the company, DC ensures that you grow fast by bringing out the best in yourself. We love to challenge each other and keep each other sharp by sparring over challenging topics in knowledge sessions, where you get the chance to present issues that are close to you and possibly offer them as an in-house KYC course.

I chose the Customer Due Diligence (CDD) analyst role because I like to do research. Currently, I am working on EDR (Event-Driven Reviews). I am mainly concerned with cryptocurrencies, as many payments to or from cryptocurrency platforms raise questions. For example, we look at large amounts sent from third parties and ensure that the money is invested appropriately. Or we review negative media because someone trades in drugs and invests the proceeds in cryptocurrency. I find this very challenging because every file matters, and there’s often a story that deals with a significant amount of money. But I also enjoy the challenge.

We often get very complex files. For example, we might have to review a liquidation attempt and cryptocurrency trade simultaneously. In these cases, you have to complete the file in a relatively short time. You have to get to the heart of it in a short time, and when you have a lot of information, especially negative press, it is sometimes tricky. But the support we get from the team and the overall company helps us to overcome every obstacle.

The best thing about the job is that you can make a difference. You really feel like your work matters. If, like me, you are analytical and like to do research that matters, then I can highly recommend the role of CDD analyst at DC!

Looking for a new opportunity to grow professionally and make a difference? Check out our vacancies at Delta Capita and apply to join our supportive and innovative team.