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Capitalising on Collective Innovation

With the DNA of a Fintech, Delta Capita believes in leveraging innovation to bring end-to-end solutions to your regulatory challenges.

These solutions are a few examples of Delta Capita proprietary assets that support the regulatory value chain. In addition to these solutions, we work with a large variety of strategic partners to help you address your specific regulatory challenge statement efficiently.

Identify regulatory impact and build efficient operating models with DC/Modus

With its prebuilt dictionary of business models and regulatory impact assessments, DCModus can help you accelerate regulatory impact analysis and build optimal operating models based on identifying operational synergies. Its intuitive, easy-to-navigate methodology takes the complexity out of E2E regulatory traceability.

Make real-time transactional lifecycle transparency possible

DCEcho non-intrusively ‘listens’ to all your transactional and payment flows without adding weight to your tech architecture. It correlates associates and analyses key business information as the data flows to give you actionable, real-time insights across products, clients, business lines, services and much more. With CSDR on the horizon, this capability will soon become a mandatory requirement for all market participants. 

Eliminate the requirement for data lakes for regulatory reporting

FraXses creates virtual data lakes without requiring large investments in infrastructural change, creating a streamlined, optimised reporting data warehouse. 

Establish the required control frameworks intelligently

ControlNet addresses the complexities of cross-business line controls, checks and balances by providing a streamlined experience to view, review and control regulatory processes.

Make the challenge of contractual repapering easy

Our SRP repapering tool identifies and executes repapering requirements using optimised character recognition, machine learning and other intelligent automation processes. 

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