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Delivering Interactive Visual Journeys to Customers

Legacy IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems typically involve a tedious and frustrating experience. Rigid IVR processes entail a slow ‘walk through time; for customers with limited or no ability for them to resolve issues in self-service.

Klarion’s visual interface transforms standard IVR menus into an interactive digital journey that parallels every stage of the customer call.

The visual display can be presented to the caller at the start of their interaction with IVR. This display complements the IVR journey by presenting customers with visual menus and digital content, serving to improve call containment, digital self service and the caller experience.

Solution Offerings

Interactive visual overlay

Compliments existing IVR journey

Multiple authentication options

Start simulates a regular phone call

Self-service capability

Seamlessly route calls to live agents

Easy transition to Collaboration sessions

Flexible and scalable implementation

No need to redesign infrastructure


Increase Digital

Deflect phone callers to digital self-service

Maximise Digital Assets

By re-using existing Digital assets, optimize usage by over 30%.

Reduce Call Volumes

Provide self-service resolution pathways and reduce call volumes by 50%

Enhance Customer satisfaction

Utilise digital tools that will improve your NPS by over 50%

Brand Promotion

Seize the opportunity to promote brand and campaign sales with rich interactive visual content

Fast time to market

Easy to deploy, requires no new content and no changes to existing infrastructure

One-Step security access

Enables fingerprint swipe, pattern flow and use of camera to fulfil security access requirements

The Visual IVR module is part of Klarion’s Digital Customer Engagement Platform which includes Collaboration and Content Sharing, Visual Conversational IVR, Smart Digital Forms and Management & Analytics Modules.


One-Step Access

Reduce the time-consuming user experience of the traditional IVR system, Klarion enables smartphone users to access services via fingerprint swipe, pattern flow and face recognition.

Easy implemented

Implement over all known IVR platforms (Genesys, Avaya, InContact, Cisco, Amazon Connect, and more)

Presentation Capabilities

Utilise a wide variety of interactive forms and expressive menu options. Customers can use online forms to fill-in service requests and reduce overall call time with an agent. Visual product information can be displayed through photos and infographics, providing engaging customer experiences.

Mobile Web and App

Re-purpose existing mobile web and app assets for customer self-service. While the mobile web brings the right page in the right time with a single sign-on, the mobile app brings deep links with a single sign-on. SDK available for native initiation on Android and iOS devices

Personalised services

Customise the Klarion navigation menu to deliver highly personalised services to premium customers

Marketing Campaigns

Deliver ‘non-disruptive’, personalised, contextual marketing campaigns to generate up sales and cross sales for related products and services

Flexible deployment

Deploy on premise or as a cloud solution. On premise solution is installed on Microsoft Technology (server) with SQLDB

Plug into any CRM

Applying common protocols, with possibility to access any developed web services.

Versatile Call Initiation

Visual sessions are enabled on iOS and Android devices and initiated via app or SMS text.

Get in contact to learn more and find out how Klarion can work for your organisation.