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Klarion ensures your virtual customer journeys can retain the ‘human touch’ which customers are still requiring for critical financial advice journeys despite the quick adoption of digital during the pandemic. In parallel you can increase efficiency, increase the tailored service you offer to your clients, differentiate from your competitors, and create potential for new revenue streams.

Any process that requires seamless sharing of content, collaborative sessions, or high touch journeys where users want to be guided through processes or need to sign or share key documents in a highly secure environment. Currently these touch points often operate independently, where the customer will receive an interrupted experience via a mix of online portals, email, post, and telephone. Not only does this lead to a frustrating experience on the customer side it leads to extensive wasted time on representative side, chasing and awaiting responses via the various mediums.

Importantly from a data collection perspective, Klarion can also conduct end of session review which can either gather servicing data on specific representatives or the digital experience itself, providing continually data insight on the team and the customer experience.

Reinventing the Financial Service Value Chain

Supporting customers new and existing

Sales journeys are often long and complex. From loan applications to property  insurance, common stumbling blocks often break customer journeys, creating friction and frustration and inflating drop off rates.

With the current market saturation, this is a risk Organisations cannot afford to take.

Klarion suite of omni-channel products enhance sales and retention journeys, by providing a seamless experience and allowing you to serve efficiently, all whilst meeting regulations and keeping your customers happy and business flowing.

Signing up for new products

First impressions matter. Setting the precedent for success is vital as you on-board new customers. However, complex regulation or multiple signatories can create obstacles to offering the seamless service customers expect and, without the right tools, agents may be at risk of compliance breaches

Classic Onboarding Journey

Customer enquires about opening an account

Agent processes the application and needs to collect documents
for KYC

Customer is required to visit a branch to provide and scan documents

Application is manually processed and sent to back office

Documents are verified and the account is opened

Klarion Onboarding Journey

Customer enquires about opening an account and joins a collaboration session

Agent processes the application and needs to collect documents for KYC

Documents are verified and approved in real time

Client signs electronically the agreement and account is opened

When things go wrong, make it right!

The digitalisation of the claims journey has been driven forward by efforts to improve both customer experience and efficiency. Despite this, many organisations still rely on unfriendly paper-heavy processes that are both costly and slow.

Classic Claims Journey

Customer contacts call center and agent initiates a claim

Case is sent back for initial assessment

Customer is mailed documents to complete and return

Documents are manually processed and sent to back office

Steps repeat if additional information is required

Decision is made about the claim

Customer sent decision information by post

Klarion Claims Journey

Customer contacts call center and agent initiates a claim and joins a collaboration session

Agent captures claim details, collects evidence and shares any important information with the customer

If information is sufficient, agent approves the case during the call

Documents are automatically sent to back office and customer is notified of the claim decision

Key benefits

Reduce Time

Jointly complete tasks to expedite resolution successful call to create a slick customer experience

High Level Support

RM’s and customers can share screens and complete tasks together

Enhanced Data Collection

Sync valuable customer data between Klarion and your CRM

Regulation Adherence

Allow customers to easily accept terms and conditions and provide consent.

Completely App-Free

A session can be initiated without any need to download software.

Available on any Device

Collaboration sessions are available on smartphone, tablet or PC.

Improved NPS

Increase your customer satisfaction

Ideal for Outbound

Achieve improved performance for sales, campaigns, and call- backs.

Increase Conversion

Empower purchase decisions by providing visual displays of products.

With Klarion you can create an entirely different type of interaction with customers; walk through customer documents live, receive media including identification documents, e-sign documents, co browse the internet, all whilst engaging in a live video call. This provides a streamlined and guided customer experience in a user friendly fully client branded digital interface. Klarion’s solution can be initiated with a click of a link sent to the customer’s smartphone, tablet or PC and requires no download or bespoke app. The result is a smooth, visual experience that enhances customer satisfaction and allows agents to complete calls effectively and efficiently.

Get in contact to learn more and find out how Klarion can work for your organisation.