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Klarion is a modular solution for digital enablement that features live collaboration, visual IVR, digital forms and e-sign. Its benefits include improved digital servicing of customers, reduced call centre traffic, and an improved omnichannel interface for key, high touch journeys in a compliant way. It can be implemented within weeks and customised to your brand.

Getting the most from your Property and Casualty value chain starts with ensuring that your clients have the best possible experience. If you’re able to support your customers by quickly resolving issues, delivering decisions on claims – or even expanding coverage to suit then you can keep your customers happy. Klarion is here to help make these customer journeys smoother, by processing claims more efficiently. By cutting out any inefficiencies, Klarion saves time, money and resources throughout your chain – whatever the case may be.

The onboarding and retention of clients can be problematic for any business with the range of products and services increasing in complexity. Customers are finding themselves in lengthy processes and disruptive journeys resulting in high attrition rates and low customer satisfaction. Klarion – a complete digital customer service solution can reduce customer attrition, increase sales conversion – and lower the cost to serve through Delta Capita’s single platform for end-to-end customer journeys.

Klarion allows you to

Visually present any content

Securely verify Identity


Video Call

Exchange documents


Reproduce the face-to-face customer experience remotely, by providing your representatives and advisors with the tools to visually display content to customers, exchange documents in real time, collect electronic signatures and help customers co-browse your website, all whilst on a live video or phone call.

Klarion delivers happier customers and more value to your business

55% uplift in conversion rate

By offering your customers a streamlined  experience and one session resolution.

85% reduction in transaction times

Empower your representatives to meet the customer needs there and then, improving first contact resolution, so complex journeys no longer need to span multiple steps across multiple channels.

87+ Net Promoter Score

Streamline the sticking points in your customer journeys so they become effortless and flow seamlessly.

100% Compliance

Create digital workflows that eliminate the potential for mistakes. Collect electronic signatures, complete documents digitally, removing inconvenient and costly likely compliance breaches.

100% reduction in paper and fulfilment

Eliminate unnecessary workload to your representatives. Boost efficiency and enable your representatives to offer maximum value at the lowest possible cost. 

A key platform in your omni-channel strategy

Designed to work independently or in any combination, the Klarion suite of products are configured to your needs and guided by our expertise in customer experience design.

Engaging the customer with every call

Share screens, share content and video chat with customers

On-device collaboration empowers agents to work together with customers on any device to provide hands-on, high-touch service. By engaging in an interactive digital session, agents can resolve issues and convert sales more effectively.

Replace PDF and paper forms with intuitive digital workflows

Deliver forms to customers on any device and in any channel, even during a live call. Turn time- consuming applications, claims, orders, and onboarding into coherent digital process that can be easily completed and signed in real time.

Extend and enhance traditional IVR with digital self-service Deflect more inbound calls to self- service

to lower costs and allow agents to focus time on the calls that matter most. Our Visual IVR overlays rich digital media onto traditional voice calls to create an interactive journey that dramatically enhances self-service capabilities and the customer experience.

Digitally enable the call, unlock significant value

Klarion ensures your virtual customer journeys can retain the ‘human touch’. Providing your customers with a simpler, effortless experience creates a tangible uplift in your KPIs: fewer remote journey dropouts, higher sales conversions, lower cost to serve and improved regulatory compliance.

Get in contact to learn more and find out how Klarion can work for your organisation.

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