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Cutting-edge technology to service your business

In addition to our tried and tested expertise in the field, we offer clients a range of proprietary solutions and a tech ecosystem.
These solutions are highly customisable, adaptable, and may be integrated with legacy systems, or be replaced entirely.
Through this cutting-edge technology, we are able service your needs and help you stay head of the curve, when it comes to regulation, compliance mandates and to simplify your operations.

Improve your Digital Customer Service

Klarion is a modular solution for digital enablement that features live collaboration, visual IVR, digital forms and e-sign. Its benefits include improved digital servicing of customers, reduced call centre traffic, and an improved omnichannel interface for key, high touch journeys in a compliant way. It can be implemented within weeks and customised to your brand.

Optimise Digital Lending

ezbob by Delta Capita is an end-to-end, modular, white-label digital lending solution. It enables automated lending decisions within 20 seconds, using 40 pre-approved data service providers to enhance credit decision making. It can be implemented within weeks.

Get real-time Customer Insights

Revuze by Delta Capita uses AI to deliver real-time customer insights and sentiment, without the involvement of IT, market experts, or lengthy projects.

Don’t let Legacy hold you back

OpenLegacy by Delta Capita is an enterprise API integration and management platform that easily creates digital services without being held back by your legacy systems.

Make investing more engaging

Tipranks by Delta Capita is an investment portfolio recommendation tool based on AI, machine learning and big data. With a statistical ability to make correct stock recommendations, it provides customers with the most accurate and accountable financial advice.

Simplify your PoCs

prooV by Delta Capita is a PoC-as-a-Service platform that helps reduce lengthy and expensive PoCs, evaluate vendor solutions, and move to a model based on deep-mirrored example data and key KPIs defined around your priorities.

Truly understand your data

Karbon is an AI-driven CLM platform which empowers financial institutions to automate time-consuming processes and reduce costs. It improves KYC/KYS accuracy, market intelligence and consumer insights such as AI-powered audience identification and lookalike targeting.

Get in contact to learn more and find out how these solutions can work for your organisation.

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