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Are you ready for the Next Generation of Cybercrime?

No longer is this a game of just phishing, spyware or malware. The cyber realm has grown-up and diversified into advanced persistent threats (APTs), hacktivism, misinformation, machine learning poisoning and ransomware. Future threats could go further to include smart contract hacking and, further down the line, include the use of ‘deepfake’ where a ‘deepfaked’ company board could release misinformation about a company’s financial performance, for example.

Cyber-attacks can happen in many different ways, motivated by countless possible reasons – from financial gain to corporate espionage to revenge – making cybercrime a complex topic to navigate and protect against. Instigators could be anyone from disgruntled employees to hackers to organised criminal organisations. What’s more, the attack can come from anywhere in the world, making prosecution complicated, and all the more enticing to criminals. 

To make matters worse, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a 400% increase in cyber-attacks, according to the FBI, as a result of both home-working as well as an exponential increase in digital customer service and online payments.

How We Can Help You

Delta Capita can assist financial institutions in moving to a more proactive and holistic cyber offering both on-prem, across their internal systems and off-prem on customer, employee and vendor devices. 

With our suite of proprietary and ecosystem offerings, we can help identify compromised devices, prevent fraud, proactively manage your cybersecurity policies and offer a complete, managed service cyber offering that includes advanced training solutions for your teams. 

How it Works

We first focus on understanding your specific cyber set-up, current tooling, organisational weaknesses and strengths and then advise on the appropriate technology solution for your specific needs.

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