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Karbon is a proprietary, end-to-end, intelligent CLM platform that provides data sourcing, data integration, workflow, and screening through a rules-driven engine. The Platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance and streamline the KYC (Know Your Client) process. It can be integrated into existing client and vendor systems or used as a standalone tool. 

Karbon is a complete solution and includes customer onboarding, data sourcing, workflow engine, profile enrichment, digital outreach, identify management, screening, KYC risk scores, policy controls, reporting and dashboarding.

Karbon Data

Karbon Data is a global data source aggregator and integrator with over 300 primary and 85-
million secondary data sources covering 120 countries. It can be selected as a modular
offering from Karbon’s CLM platform as a stand-alone product or integrated into existing
CLM platforms.

Karbon 8 is Delta Capita’s differentiating sourcing service focussed on entities based in
China and Hong Kong, where client information is difficult to obtain, access and review.
Karbon 8 has the functionality to provide real-time, intelligent access to Chinese corporate
information to enable your KYC process.

Karbon Identity Management

This is our advanced identity management and onboarding toolkit. Using the latest technology for face biometriclient, liveness, dynamic OCR and individual authentication, it provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform.

Klarion is our complete client engagement portal, offering an all-in-one solution. Using Klarion, you can interact directly with your clients, with no requirement for them to install any software. Klarion also enables analysts to open live, recorded sessions to talk clients through documentation and provide approval.

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