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Delta Capita Leadership Team

Vinita Ramtri


If you had to sum Vinita in two words, those would be intensity and intentionality.

Having thrived in the corporate world for over 24 years across four industries and three countries besides continually fulfilling her passions such as publishing books, running marathons, coaching, writing and speaking, her single biggest learning is that life isn’t as binary as we perceive it to be and that pursuing personal purpose does not have to be at odds with rocking a career. So Vinita chooses to give life her all and encourages others to follow their calling.

Over the course of her diverse career, Vinita has covered various roles ranging from technology and automation through to leadership development. Enjoying a career where her roles have evolved continually, some of the themes that she specializes in are purposeful growth, digital transformation, end-to-end thinking, process and people. She has a deeply intuitive and curious mind with an extremely high IQ and an abstract aptitude of 99 percentile. Besides being a certified coach, prolific writer, public speaker and a single parent, she’s also an autodidactic, an obsessive thinker and an emerging erudite. At Delta Capita, Vinita’s core focus is to support our delivery and growth in Asia Pacific.