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Delta Capita Leadership Team

Tom Stringer

Senior Consultant

Tom joined Delta Capita in 2022 as Senior Consultant in Digital Assets. At Delta Capita, Tom is responsible for leading his team in delivering digital assets solutions for clients. This includes enabling tokenisation, digital custody and distributed ledger technology for securities markets and payments.

Previously, Tom worked as Project Lead in Wealth and Asset Management looking at operational change, strategy, front office controls and ESG engagements in the UK and Europe, here he developed an expertise in investor preferences to support firms in preparing for upcoming regulatory changes to ESG Delegated Act of MiFID II for the collection of sustainability preferences but also to consider broader requirements of the regulation itself.

Before working in WAM, Tom worked as Programme lead at HSBC where he partnered with Global Banking’s front office Relationship Managers and Product Bankers to identify opportunities to streamline processes, fix broken systems and ways of working and create space and capacity to focus on clients. Tom’s leadership and management skills are centered on a successful career as an Officer in the British Army.