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Sustainability at Delta Capita – Our 2022 Round Up

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Delta Capita has made a commitment to employing sustainable business practices that align with wider Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) goals. 2022 has been a great year for Delta Capita in the sustainability space, exemplified by this year’s ESG highlights outlined below.

Appointing a Chief Sustainability Officer, our Sustainability Steering Committee and structuring of our sustainability streams.

In January 2022, Diane Eshleman was appointed Global Chief Sustainability Officer for Delta Capita. As our CEO, Joe Channer noted in our ‘Fireside Chat‘, having an ESG Executive on our board is a powerful move for Delta Capita, especially as a firm with under 1,500 employees. Under Diane and the newly established ‘Sustainability Steering Committee’, we have also established six sustainability focused working groups – each of which have clearly defined goals and focus areas. These include: Foundations, Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics, Sustainable Procurement and Communications.

Officially committing to the UNGC and committing to report progress on SDGS

As of December 2022, Delta Capita has been accepted as a participant of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

By incorporating the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact into our strategy as a company, we are publicly committed to upholding our responsibilities regarding human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

We have also committed to reporting our progress on three of the UN Sustainable Development Goals – Quality Education, Gender Equality and Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. These align with our DC values, commitments to gender and education equity and our goal to ‘reinvent the financial services value chain.’

Carbon pledge, first carbon audit and Carbon Disclosure Project

In May, we completed our first carbon audit, partnering with a power platform service ‘Planetly,’ who assisted in identifying our Scope 3 GHG emissions (in tCO2e). We worked with Planetly to understand our global footprint, factoring the emissions we produce from commuting, electricity, heating, water and business travel. The baseline figure that we received back from Planetly in June 2022 has helped us establish our 2023 goals: a step towards achieving our pledge of being Carbon Neutral by 2030.

In June 2022, we submitted the results from our Planetly Carbon Audit in our response to the Carbon Disclosure Project. By committing to respond to the CDP annually, Delta Capita is subject to another layer of accountability to drive down its carbon emissions and accurately establish annual reduction targets.

Creating a sustainability management report

Working closely with our Chief Sustainability Officer, and other members of our Executive Board, Delta Capita has produced its first annual Sustainability Management Report detailing the management, achievements, goals and KPIs across each of our sustainability focused streams. The report acts as a celebration of the commitment we have made to sustainability this year, as well as a powerful tool to raise internal and external awareness of the activities that DC have completed this year.

Sustainable Procurement – Supplier Diversity Analysis

Going beyond internal initiatives at Delta Capita, our Sustainable Procurement stream looks at the activities of the suppliers that we engage with to promote sustainability outside of the workplace. The stream undertook Supplier Diversity Analysis in August, identifying which of our suppliers were diverse or minority owned. With better visibility into our supply chain, we now have a baseline figure to monitor progress annually. We will also be working closely with our Chief Financial Officer to ensure discipline within our supplier selection process to incorporate supplier diversity goals.

Charity Partnerships

We currently have charity partners established in six of our major geographical locations, and we plan to extend our charity engagement in 2023. As of June 2022, all DC employees are entitled to one day PTO (paid time off) as a charity volunteer day. To continue our mission of helping disadvantaged youth into employment, we recently established a partnership with Spark! – a charity where DC are offering 1-2-1 mentoring sessions from staff to year 10 students. We have also just announced our new partnership with REACH Siem Reap – our Global Charity Partner, a charity personally selected by our CEO, Joe Channer. REACH works to lift Cambodian children and their families out of poverty, a cause that strongly resonates with our DC values.

Our top 3 Goals for 2023:

1. Sustainable choices in our new flagship offices

We have adopted numerous environmentally friendly practices in our London Bank Street Office. Moving into 2023, we are expanding this office for it to become our ‘Flagship’ Office where we are looking to implement even more sustainable practices that align with environmental goalsaligning with our green office guidelines including:

  • Rehousing furniture from our London City Office
  • Purchasing plants with maintenance contracts to ensure they are maintained properly
  • Digital noticeboards displaying our ‘Green Office Guidelines’
  • Enhanced Waste Management and Recycling Systems

2. Charity Partnerships

In January 2023 we plan to refresh and enhance our list of regional charity partners, ensuring alignment to our goal as a company to help disadvantaged people into employment and alleviate the risk of poverty. We will be expanding the reach and impact of our CSR work, establishing charity partners in each of our nine major geographies and increasing volunteering opportunities for those who would like to get involved.

Our current charity partners all focus on supporting disadvantaged youth, so we are looking to partner with charities that support other disadvantaged populations, where appropriate. Look out for more charity information in the new year!

3. Global and Regional ESG Scorecards

Beginning in 2023, we are implementing more diligent tracking procedures for our ESG-related KPIs both regionally and globally. Where they are a useful tool for when we report progress to the commitments we signed up to this year, they are also powerful in helping to drive progress towards our internal goals as a firm.

Our global scorecard contains metrics across four of our aforementioned streams, Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics and sustainable Procurement. The global scorecard is then to be supported by a regional scorecard that replicates the global scorecard with the addition of other relevant metrics.

Although the regional scorecard is to vary region by region due to restrictions on what we can/ cannot ask our employees, by obtaining a regional breakdown of our statistics we can better target our goals to ensure standards are maintained globally.

How DC can help

Delta Capita offers ESG Consulting Services that provide insight, capacity and expertise to help companies maintain their commitment to the global sustainability objectives in the height of a crisis and its financial challenges. Find out more and contact us here.

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