Strategic Partnerships

Fenergo’s software solutions enable financial institutions to solve rapidly increasing regulatory challenges by streamlining the end-to-end Client Lifecycle Management processes, ranging from regulatory onboarding, data integration, client and counterparty data management, client lifecycle reviews and remediation all the way to client offboarding, etc. Fenergo solutions are proven to improve compliance, operational efficiencies, time to revenue and client experience.

Delta Capita is a Strategic Alliance Partner of Fenergo and the first services firm to offer managed KYC services “powered by Fenergo”. Our service offerings are for remediation and outsourcing of the KYC capability to Delta Capita. Both services offer unique solutions via disruptive service offerings, bringing together state-of-the-art tooling, regulatory knowledge and expertise, industry standardisation based on best practice and accelerated delivery timelines.


Fortytwo Data offers an AI powered Anti-Money-Laundering platform to combat evolving threats. Users can build rules using a flexible Graphical User Interface, without the need to write code. This allows rapid development of test scenarios and assessing the impact of new rules and regulations in the platform’s ‘sandbox’ simulator, supported by case management and workflow.

Fortytwo Data and Delta Capita have partnered to deliver a Next Generation Anti Money Laundering solution called Delta>AML.  Applying an extensive Big Data toolkit to Delta Capita’s expertise in Financial Crime and Data Science, customers have proven to reduce false-positives by up to 97%, whilst uncovering hidden money laundering patterns that would be challenging or impossible to identify when utilising traditional RDBMS rule-based platforms.

Delta>AML is a unique solution.  It can be deployed as Data Fabric extending a legacy AML solution with Next Generation Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning, or as a managed service, providing a complete, cost-effective Anti Money Laundering solution deployed, hosted and operated by Delta Capita’s Financial Crime experts.