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Reinventing the Financial Services Value Chain.

Reinventing the Financial Services Value Chain.


The insurance sector provides a pivotal function in our social and economic systems. Its leadership is now being challenged to find answers to key strategic questions as the sector faces a series of fundamental issues.

In a world of steep technological advancements, many insurers are hampered by their legacy-dominant application landscape, while increasing regulatory demands and an ever-changing global risk environment compete for executive attention.

In this rapidly changing world, market players in many industries need to increase their competitive strength. Value chain inefficiencies are ruthlessly exploited by new entrants, creating business models fuelled by new technologies, adopted by a tech-savvy generation while crossing borders between classic industry sectors.

While it’s impossible to predict the future, today’s technological leverage offers unparalleled possibilities, either as a threat to – or as an opportunity for – incumbents. Developing strategies and preparing scenarios to effectively improve your organisation’s resilience is therefore essential.

How Delta Capita can help

At Delta Capita, we are committed to helping our clients create an insurance organisation ready to face the future. We can help you to design and implement strategies, business models and operations that will increase both your resilience and your relevance. We can do this by removing existing performance obstacles or by developing new strategic options for value creation.

The Delta Capita team contributes their collective knowledge and experience to help establish direction. Our advisory services include:

  • Strategy translation;
  • Target business operating model;
  • Change roadmap aligned to strategy;
  • Business case and change mandate;
  • Transformation leadership: align, motivate and drive an organisation to achieve change;
  • Outsourcing strategy and evaluation;
  • Managing innovation and alliances;
  • Programme assurance and turnaround;
  • Customer experience;
  • Strategy and innovation;
  • Digital transformation.