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Reinvention through inclusion, diversity, and making a difference

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Often, I am asked why Delta Capita and why a consultancy? Why this consultancy? At the age of five, whilst some wished to be a tiger, I wanted to be a Paediatrician. The passion for helping people and providing solutions has always driven me forward. Therefore, consulting felt like a natural path to follow.

One thing that remains unchanged in me is that I am people-focused. I have grown and developed my skills over the years, but my “people person” side is constant – unlike my interest in financial services. Whilst exploring the plethora of industries available to me, finance was the third in line.

I thought I had sufficient experience to justify steering away from opportunities within financial services. The thought of daily number crunching did not tickle my fancy. The myth that a career in financial services meant long hours by a calculator lingered until I decided to take the plunge and explore its multiple facets. But the more I researched and explored, the more my curiosity increased. In the end, I decided to combine my passion for problem-solving and people with finance.

Upon spotting the Graduate Consultant opportunity at Delta Capita, I wanted in. Sold on the acceptance of inclusive idea sharing, innovation, and diverse service offerings, I knew this would be an area of fast growth. Furthermore, my exposure to industry experts demonstrated that Delta Capita also had a unique culture focused on reinvention. And the company really lived this ideal internally and externally. 

Now, as a Graduate Consultant within Consulting and Solutions, I work with peers from varying backgrounds and experience levels. From Psychology graduates to seniors who have spearheaded change at tier 1 banks amidst the 2008 financial crises, no individual is out of reach.

My view of the available possibilities in financial services consulting has grown exponentially. I now recognise the contributions I can make. As an individual, I can help prevent human trafficking by tightening anti-money laundering practices, using fintech to increase financial inclusion within informal economies, and working with organisations to improve their processes and ensure good corporate governance. Finance is so much more than numbers. This industry provides an opportunity for its practitioners to reinvent the world we live in on a global scale.

But it is time women become a bigger part of this change. Although the number of women entering financial services is increasing, only 21% of women occupy executive positions. For many, this realisation is sufficient to scratch the finance industry from their consideration list, but it motivates me. I want to challenge the status quo and empower others to take the leap into unchartered territory.

I am glad to see Delta Capita’s efforts to ensure all business lines and seniority levels are inclusive, with women leading and making decisions. Only in cultures where all viewpoints are considered and respected can an organisation truly thrive and be free to reinvent itself to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

As a young female in an entry-level financial services position, it is refreshing to know I can join conversations and share ideas that make a difference. I choose to seize opportunities, not only for myself but all those after me waiting for a ladder to be extended.