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Reinventing Personal Development at Work

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Are you always trying to become the best version of yourself? At Delta Capita, we aim to facilitate a culture of continuous growth. After all, professional development doesn’t end after university, or even when you’ve gained more experience and seniority on the job.

Senior Managing Consultant Ewart van der Steege shares more about his experience with the unique culture at Delta Capita and how this environment facilitates continuous personal development.

One of the main reasons I enjoy working for Delta Capita is the professional and ambitious environment in which we all focus on developing the organisation. The positive work culture provides you with the opportunity to take on real responsibility, entrepreneurship, and influence from day one. Alongside your colleagues, you are accountable for the organisation’s culture, growth, and strategy.  Everyone contributes new ideas, and taking an initiative is encouraged. As Ruben said in the previous blog: Together, we are reinventing our workplace.

For example, everyone contributes to the development of Delta Capita by sharing knowledge, working on propositions and sales together, and investing time and effort in further establishing the culture of continuous growth. At the same time, we enjoy working together, learning from each other and having lots of fun! Here, there are no sharp elbows but rather pizza sessions, fun activities, and weekends away. In this collaborative environment, you’ll find enthusiastic colleagues who know each other well and really care about each other.

Also job-related, we try to stretch your ambitions by giving you your own assignments with great responsibilities from the start. Depending on the assignment, we aim to challenge you as much as possible and facilitate a steep learning curve. There’s no hierarchical structure based on level of education or seniority. All that matters is that you’re good at what you do. For recent graduates who want to test their skills and rapidly grow professionally, this is an excellent opportunity.

And when it comes to personal development at Delta Capita, you are the one in the driver’s seat Where most companies offer standardised schedules of training and courses that your company selected for you, you decide what topic or which skill you want to focus on. With the support of one of Delta Capita’s partners, you draft your personal short and long-term development plan to foster your ambitions. In addition, our colleagues are always open to help each other improve. For serious professionals, this is a healthy and collaborative environment, in which you can try, learn, and grow at breakneck speed.

Want to join the team? You can learn more about working at Delta Capita and view our current available positions on our website.