The impact of the replacement of Interbank Offer Rates or IBORs is far reaching both geographically and by the sheer volume and diversity of products that use them as benchmarks (estimated 300 trillion USD equivalent).

In this article, Jonathan Adams (Delta Capita Managing Principal: Securities Finance & Collateral Management) writes that the operational impact to the banks, asset managers, insurers and their respective clients that issue, sell and manage IBOR benchmarked products will be significant.

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Every day we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data and it is accelerating. Approximately 90% of the total data we have today has been generated in the last two years. Harnessing the power hiding in this ocean of data has become an absolute strategic imperative for all businesses and governments.

In his recent article, Ricardo Cruz (Senior Consultant at Delta Capita) explains why machine learning is very much at the centre of this revolution, and how the last few years has seen an explosion of research and promising practical applications across a very broad spectrum of problems and industries… and Financial services are no exception.

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Dublin and London, 17 May 2018 Fenergo, the leading provider of Client Lifecycle Management technology solutions for financial institutions spanning asset management, investment, corporate, retail and private banks, has announced a strategic partnership with Delta Capita, the international business and technology consulting and managed service provider.  This strategic partnership will provide the financial industry with new managed service solutions for solving client onboarding, regulatory compliance, and entity data management challenges.

Fenergo and Delta Capita are delivering the “Powered by Fenergo” remediation offering to address the significant market demand for remediation services by financial institutions.  Both parties consider that the successful provision of this offering will act as a catalyst to the subsequent adoption of Fenergo CLM as either an onsite solution or incorporated as part of an outsourced packaged managed service delivered by Delta Capita.

Delta Capita has announced a strategic partnership with Fenergo

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An often overlooked critical competency of an organisation is its adaptability – the capacity of an organisation to effectively respond to new demands and circumstances, whether it’s customer-, regulator- or technology-driven.

Onno Bloemers (Delta Capita Insurance Lead) writes that while stability used to be everything in financial services and insurance, agility is nowadays an increasingly important quality.

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Fintech Circle - Lack of Organisational Adaptability Threatens Digital Transformation

Delta Capita ranked the fastest growing financial services consulting firm in Europe by the Financial Times

We are very proud to announce that Delta Capita has been ranked the fastest growing financial services consulting firm in Europe according to the FT 1000 index published by the Financial Times. We would like to thank all of our global staff, clients and partners whose hard work and support have made this possible.

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London, 13 March 2018 – Delta Capita, the international business & technology consulting and managed services firm, has announced a strategic alliance with The Field Effect, a London-based consultancy specialising in securities financing, clearing and collateral management.

The alliance will deliver a strong combined capability in prime brokerage, securities finance and collateral management designed to help clients address transformational change and regulatory requirement initiatives including the Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) that aims to increase the transparency of securities financing transactions (SFTs). Firms urgently require a comprehensive review of their reporting and reconciliation processes however can be missing as much as 40% of the data required for SFTR reporting and 60% of their processes are impacted by the regulation.

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Don’t just copy other life insurers; learn from the best-in-class companies outside your own sector and apply these principles to your own business.

In the previous articles in the series, Onno Bloemers (Delta Capita Insurance Lead) discussed that customers do not buy insurance because they like it, but because they have to or there is no better alternative available. How you can turn a subject like insurance into something that customers actively engage in? Can, for instance, a pension become an urgent, relevant, integral part of our daily life?

The articles are based on a keynote presentation delivered at the Euro-Events Life Insurance & Pensions Conference in Amsterdam in Nov 2017.

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London, 12 February 2018 – Delta Capita, the international business & technology consulting and managed services firm, has announced the appointment of Steve Vinnicombe, former UK CEO of Capco UK, as the Chairman of its Group business.

The announcement follows a sustained period of growth for Delta Capita, charged by a number of high profile industry engagements. These have included the appointment as sole consultancy partner to ‘Plato Partnership’, a tier one investment firm consortium; and the appointment by Credit Suisse, one of the leading European issuers of structured products and structured product solutions, as the managed service provider for issuance and product governance of its structured products business across EMEA. This engagement involved the ‘lift-out’ of a team of industry experts from Credit Suisse to Delta Capita.

Steve Vinnicombe

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Ever wondered what the world of investment banking has in common with pancakes? Mark Hills, Programme Director at Delta Capita, discusses how head of FX product management at Deutsche Bank, Dirk Ward, mused on this very question many moons ago – comparing his own firms attempts to stay competitive with that of two rival pancake shops.

Mark Hills

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