Service Innovation Framework

As insurers increasingly partner with companies providing solutions, product and services (e.g. fintech, security, home automation) next to insurance products, a generic capability to manage these service innovations becomes crucial. Traditionally resulting in customer facing initiatives including loyalty programs, customer engagement, initiatives, marketing campaigns and their supporting logistic functions tend to be organised in a fragmented way, increasing lead times and costs across customer interaction activities. A generic service innovation framework enables you to fast track customer facing initiatives.

How Delta Capita can help

  • We create synergies between traditionally isolated customer interaction initiatives.
  • We work with you to define an integrated service innovation roadmap.
  • We have hands on experience in design/build solutions working with business, logistics & IT partners.
  • We leverage our hands on experience in insurance innovation.

Engagement Approach

  • We work with you to translate your ambitions into a tangible implementation approach.
  • We can help you integrate your strategic ambitions with operating models, process designs, business architecture and platform solutions.
  • We work closely with your staff, ensuring optimal integration of ongoing initiatives.
  • Our phased approach is aimed towards reaping tangible benefits in terms of service innovation capabilities, reduced time to market, innovation ROI and improved customer relevance.