Pre-Trade Risk Management

  • Do you have a fully optimised pre-trade risk cross-asset solution that meets your Business and Technical requirements?
  • Do you know what the major vendors and FinTechs offer in the pre-trade risk space?

How Delta Capita can help

  • Delta Capita provides practitioners who have extensive cross asset experience in optimisation initiatives, including pre-trade risk management
  • We have advised and implemented leading risk management solutions including knowledge transfer
  • We have been commissioned to perform competitive vendor analysis of Risk Management solutions across multiple asset classes
  • We truly understand global multi-asset risk checks:
    • Buying power
    • Initial Margin
    • SPAN
    • Fat finger limits
    • Real-time position
    • Options Risk using Greeks
    • Short selling
    • Collateral management
  • We also understand the technical considerations:
    • Integration of standalone solution
    • Latency

Engagement approach

  • Understand your workflows, requirements and gaps;
  • Help define the optimised solution;
  • Business and Technology front to back analysis;
  • We can provide additional bandwidth to your teams.