Insurance Performance Management

Controlling and accurately predicting the development of an insurance portfolio is a critical success factor for insurance companies.

Current market conditions and regulatory compliance requirements demand for a more rigorous approach, providing a structural and continuous insight & outlook.

Using advanced actuarial software improves the accuracy of financial forecasting, while simultaneously reducing costs.

How Delta Capita can help

  • We partner with Posthuma Partners, a Dutch based actuarial-/-risk management software company to implement their IFM® tooling.
  • We bring our business expertise to ensure that the solution has an optimal fit with your needs.
  • We make sure that execution happens on time, at the highest quality and within budget.

Engagement Approach

  • Perform information analysis on distribution channels, (sub)branches, coverage and reinsurance programs;
  • Collect data, parameterise and calibrate the model;
  • Translate management information needs into output;
  • Training on the job;
  • Several options for technical rollout of the platform.