Insurance Closed Book

  • Closed Books administrations have been a burden for decades for life and pension insurers.
  • Once designed and implemented in anticipation of future new business, these expectations have often not materialised.
  • The need and urgency for complexity reduction, rationalisation & cost control is clear and ever increasing
  • Earlier attempts to reduce the dependency of outdated, fragmented and inflexible applications often have not lived up to their promise, resulting in additional complexity and even more legacy processes added to the landscape.

How Delta Capita can help

  • We introduce a new approach to solve the Closed Books conundrum on a fundamental level
  • We leverage cutting edge technology drawing from the most recent insights in Artificial Intelligence and database technology to get a grip on the complexities in closed books administrations
  • We help to rationalise the logical specifications of the landscape, relentlessly removing any inconsistencies, duplicates, flaws and exceptions in business requirements
  • Using 7th generation technology, we can translate these 100% validated requirements automatically into easily accessible knowledge and applications. This way, even obscure product definitions can become transparent for a new generation of employees.

Engagement Approach

Our Closed Books approach consists of three 3 steps, depending on your situation or challenge these can be executed separately, sequential or partly, depending on your situation and strategic vision:

  • Step 1: Rationalise your product portfolio, reducing complexity & overall cost levels while creating new strategic options
  • Step 2: Improving processes, creating automated workflows, new interfaces and decommissioning legacy applications
  • Step 3: Managed Service, reducing fixed overheads, lowering capital requirements and mutualising costs while increasing service quality and performance

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