Fit-for-Purpose Project Scoping and Delivery

How do you ensure your vendors or IT teams provide a fit-for purpose optimised fully integrated solution that is cost-effective and delivered on-time and within budget?

How Delta Capita can help

  • Delta Capita are independent practitioners recognised for its scoping and gap analysis studies and project delivery.
  • Our functional SMEs review and write functional requirements specifications to ensure all key requirements are captured.
  • Our technical architects help agree the (global) technical architecture.
  • We help to ensure all the in-house and vendor work packages are fit for purpose.
  • We know the key vendors offerings, strengths and weaknesses, all independently assessed.
  • We have baseline and client-specific test cases, and can provide testers.
  • We can provide the necessary bandwidth to ensure a successful project delivery.

Engagement Approach

  • Understand your requirements;
  • Provide fit-for-purpose teams or individuals;
  • Produce Functional and technical specifications;
  • Provide successful delivery of the optimised solution.