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In January 2022, Delta Capita acquired JDX Consulting, a consulting business focused on resource augmentation and domain consulting for investment banks, financial market infrastructure and technology acceleration. By welcoming our newest colleagues, Delta Capita became one of the leading global Capital Markets consulting, managed services and technology solutions provider, with over 1,200 people across 8 key geographies. JDX is now known as the Operate business of Delta Capita focused on resource augmentation and will also continue to deliver its unique expertise across Delta Capita’s Consulting business, servicing our clients as one unified brand.

Resource Augmentation

We are a global business providing consultants focused on resource augmentation for Corporate & Investment Banks, Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Wealth Managers & Financial Markets Infrastructure.

We help with implementing change in an innovative way, adapting to evolving market requirements and new regulation, and supporting delivery of key operational functions with outcomes that deliver meaningful business impact. We design our solutions to meet our clients’ needs and can scale to meet project or longer-term resourcing needs.

Read more in our latest press release on how Delta Capita are creating one of the largest specialist Capital Markets consulting and managed service providers, with our acquisition of JDX and the focus on our resource augmentation capability.

Highlights from our January communications session on the acquisition of JDX Consulting outlines our company vision, how we are unique and most importantly – why we are stronger together. There is a real opportunity to combine our two firms and create a firm that’s moving into the major leagues for consulting and managed services.

By coming together, we bring a full spectrum of services that the capital market clients are looking for and the breadth of what we can offer as a combined organisation globally is extremely exciting. Bringing out the best of both worlds as the companies evolve together enables big opportunities for our people and an enriched company culture.


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