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With significant post trade c-suite practitioner experience from the financial services industry, complemented by senior consultancy with deep domain experience, our leaders can provide in-depth post-trade implementation support.

Additionally, we can guide you through the implementation of various changes to your existing post-trade processes, including, but not limited to:

  • Target Operating Model (ToM) work – map and gap current ToM to future state ToM
  • Transitioning for IBOR
  • Insight into FinTech solutions that enable execution of strategy
  • Designing a more controlled and cost effective confirmation, clearing and settlement process
  • EU Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) solutions

Helping you stay ahead

The myriad of challenges such as upcoming new post-trade regulations, the desire to minimise operational risk, meet the objective to reduce costs while improving client service and increasing trade volumes, along with the revolution in different technology choices can make it difficult to fully understand and select the best business model and solutions to achieve your goals.

  • Accessing and understanding the latest post-trade technology solutions
  • Altering your cost profile
  • Increasing your service quality for clients
  • Supporting trade volume growth to offset falling revenue margins