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What we do

Delta Capita has experience in deploying targeted teams to:

  • remediate capacity constraints and reduce break and reporting backlogs
  • solve regulatory challenges
  • design and deliver change in operations and systems
  • provide outsourced solutions and managed services.

Areas of expertise

Delta Capita’s Loan Operations capability provides a comprehensive range of services for capital markets and transaction banking loans businesses. 

All teams are equipped with training and support led by subject matter experts, allowing them to provide an immediate, positive impact. Our comprehensive and industry-leading Loans Training Academy covers:

  • syndicated and bilateral loans
  • loan facilities
  • credit agreement review
  • legal documentation
  • transaction lifecycle (origination through to closing) 
  • understanding of market associations (LMA and LSTA) 
  • participant parties
  • impact of changing benchmarks 
  • collateralised loan obligations (CLO) and collateralised debt obligations (CDO) lifecycle and analytics.


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