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Work Smarter

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Karbon provides a rules-based workflow engine, along with data sourcing, profile enrichment, digital outreach, identity management, screening, KYC risk scores, policy controls and MI reporting.

As an advanced global data source aggregator, Karbon’s robotic data sourcing can obtain publicly available data from over 300 primary and premium sources. Karbon offers a full- hierarchy view of client ownerships, including detail mapping and prepares the screening of candidates. It covers both entities and related parties, providing full data lineage and audit trails, including data source evidence as well as identity verification and digital client outreach.

Easy to use

The clear, easy-to-navigate platform and dashboard means required data is always at your fingertips.

Working alongside or on top of your other systems, integrating Karbon is simple and fast. Flexible and configurable orchestration capability empowers you to smoothly implement your own workflow and rules.

Karbon streamlines your client onboarding process while providing full transparency. The platform is fully auditable, cloud-hosted and conforms to ISO 27001 standards.