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Karbon 8 covers all China and Hong Kong-based entities, i.e. private as well as public companies and individuals based in China and Hong Kong. The collection of AML/KYC data attributes are structured into a KYC profile record format, highlighting the legal entity information, regulated and listing details as well as ownership structure. It also provides supporting documentation and a full audit trail. Full data lineage, including evidence of data sources, are provided.

Nearly 20% of global trade is managed through China, however information on suppliers and corporates in the region is difficult to obtain, access and review. Karbon 8 has the functionality to provide near real time intelligent access to Chinese corporate information to facilitate the KYC process. Find out more and access the Karbon 8 brochure here.

Looking to accelerate your KYC process through digital transformation?

Karbon 8 is the latest proprietary technology solutions Delta Capita has brought to market, reinventing how we source and access KYC data for Chinese and Hong Kong entities.

Watch our product overview video to find out more.

How it works

Chinese data is sourced real-time from approved public sources, including official and premium sources. Technology enhancements and pay keys are used to overcome captcha and paywalls. 

Data capture, extraction, analysis and related algorithmics are all processed in Chinese and only brought back into English for final presentation, making Karbon 8 a truly differentiating service. Through aggregating and conducting the initial analysis and comparisons of the sourced data in Chinese and then translating into English at the final step, the number of data discounting needed is significantly reduced.

By automating and streamlining the KYC data collection process to near real-time, Karbon 8 allows organisations to increase turnaround time and enhance the overall client experience.