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At Delta Capita, we assist organisations by running a fully-fledged process to deliver pricing and risk across all jurisdictions and portfolios. Our services are focused on delivering capital, liquidity, risk and pricing, including optimisation tools, with benefits such as:

  • Mutualised cost
  • Industry standardisation
  • Scalability
  • Modern, cost-effective architecture
  • System consolidation, easily adapted to meet new and evolving regulations
  • Legacy vendor booking systems replacement

Once processes are in place, we support organisations in delivering strategic objectives and new regulations that determine revenues and profitability. Clients benefit from the mutualisation of costs in areas such as compliance, technology and niche skills. We also increase service and platform flexibility and guarantee baseline service levels for outsourced activities while maintaining control of strategic ones. All this is done while ensuring the desired level of service based on SLAs.

How Delta Capita can help

Covering all jurisdictions and crossing assets, our services provide:

  • Position management information
  • Intra-day and EOD pricing and Risk
  • Capital analytics
  • Market and derived data management
  • Scenario analysis and stress testing
  • Collateral and margining.

In addition, we offer services that include tools for active model risk management and model validation. Clients choose which services to take, retaining their existing internal ones if they provide the necessary efficiency (trade capture, for example) or strategic differentiation (such as ‘what if’ KVA).