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Various types of organisations are met face similar issues relating to collateral management, including:

  • Collateral set standardisation and pricing
  • Collateral mobilisation and transformation
  • Inventory management (overarching single pool view irrespective of custody location)
  • Valuation
  • Eligibility
  • Issuer, currency or domicile exposure across triparty agents
  • Multi-location and multi-entity liquid asset buffer adequacy (treasurers) with internal liquidity adequacy assessment process, including stress testing
  • Rehypothecatable versus non-rehypothecatable
  • Collateral segregation
  • Cash collateral
    • Commingled and segregated funds (agent lenders)
    • Cash pool management & billing
  • Regulation
    • OTC derivative margining (EMIR / BCBS IOSCO)
    • SFTR

How Delta Capita can help

Advisory and delivery services

At Delta Capita, we provide collateral practitioners with sell-side, buy-side and market infrastructure expertise. With advisory and delivery services, as well as insight into the cost and efficiency issues that firms face, we can provide:

  • Target operating model formulation
  • Optimised application architecture
  • System/vendor selection evaluation and due diligence
  • Commercial negotiation and contracting
  • Delivery expertise including programme leadership
  • Ongoing provision of solutions to meet service provider integration, as well as business and regulatory change

Outsourcing and Managed Services

For asset managers, Delta Capita provides an alternative to vendor or in-house solutions by integrating an outsourced solution. This assists with exposure management, triparty long box management, collateral pricing and collateral valuation to a client’s portfolio management system. 

The collateral management service is delivered through a blended solution of on-site and off-site optimising quality and responsiveness while ensuring suitable contact for our clients. We focus on functions where high touch, specialist skills are required on-site and complemented by off-site and offshore service offerings.