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Kickstarting my career: becoming a Data & Technology Consultant at Delta Capita

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I spent my childhood living a nomadic life. By the age of 12, I had lived in 3 countries, and 5 cities and changed schools 7 times. It was in school when I was introduced to computer programming and I loved using logic to solve complex problems.

Computer Science became a catalyst and I decided to pursue (and have since completed) a Master’s degree from Queen Mary University of London. During my Masters, I was looking for a company that could help me accelerate my technical skills in a dynamic environment. That’s when I came across Delta Capita – a company I hadn’t heard of before but that wow-ed me with its approach. I liked the breadth of opportunities available and the innovation around in-house technology. I was curious to see how DC’s technological offerings were leveraged in financial services. The interview process itself was smooth; the recruitment team was incredibly flexible, and my interviewers shared their honest experiences and provided me with valuable feedback that I will take with me wherever I go.

I joined the Data & Technology Consulting team as a Graduate Consultant. At DC, I have been able to leverage my passion for data and use them in various projects. I enjoy the continuous change, exciting new projects, and the chance to interact with different people. On my first project, I was able to leverage my knowledge in data modeling to create a data remediation strategy. I was also involved in conversations and discussions with senior clients, which really broadened my exposure.

In the 6 months that I have been at DC, I have learned about the Financial Services industry, been upskilled in various technical areas, and developed my communication and presentation skills. The Learning and Development team at DC has been key to furthering my development. They have conducted training, provided extensive internal courses to understand the industry, and have provided access to external accreditations for upskilling my technical skills like Python and AWS cloud essentials.

In addition, I have been integrated as a core person of the team. I have supported the development of marketing materials and university recruitment, helped deliver training, and spent many hours discussing the application of data and technology to interesting and complex problems within FS.

It is motivating to see that DC celebrates diversity throughout all levels of the company, including senior leadership. It shows me that I have the potential to grow and that I truly do belong. I am also actively involved in Diversity and Inclusion working group, helping work towards ensuring that DC is as inclusive as can be.

I am fortunate to have met some great mentors and made many friends along my journey at DC. To be a graduate but have access to the senior leadership Partner team is truly unique and a main part of the DC culture. There is no hierarchy and my thoughts and opinions are welcomed. I can be open about my aims and aspirations and am given the opportunity to work towards them. I have formed a strong bond with my peers while attending social events throughout the year, whose friendship and support has made this journey even more enjoyable. I hope to continue to grow, both, professionally and personally throughout my time here

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