Faster, smarter due diligence with the inSPire Questionnaire

Complete your inSPire Due Diligence Questionnaire and share it with all of your product providers for quicker onboarding and efficient periodic due diligence reviews.

Distributors globally are working with inSPire to take the pain out of responding to multiple 
Know Your Distributor requests from the issuers they work with.

Designed in collaboration with global tier 1 structured products manufacturers to satisfy key regulatory and internal requirements, the inSPire DDQ captures 100+ due diligence data points in a standardised template.

Join your peers and complete the inSPire DDQ today.

An industry utility for the mutual benefit of Manufacturers and Distributors

Eliminate effort to comply with Due Diligence refreshes
Enhance existing relationships by quickly sharing your inSPire DDQ to satisfy their periodic due diligence requirements

Complete your inSPire Due Diligence Questionnaire Today

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Accelerate onboarding with new issuers
Impress potentially issuers by quickly sharing your inSPire DDQ and minimise the onboarding and time to trade

Onboarding & Lifecycle Support
Use inSPire to respond to other issuer requests including KYC documentation, annual Target Market Assessment and issuer feedback requirements and more.

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inSPire Due Diligence Questionnaires - the global standard