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At Delta Capita, we are powered by a wealth of market-leading technology through our parent company, Prytek. We therefore have an extensive suite of both proprietary technology with an ecosystem family and partners to accelerate your journey.

Improve your Digital Customer Service

Callvu is a white-label, modular solution for digital enablement that features live collaboration, visual IVR, digital forms and e-sign. Its benefits include improved digital servicing of customers, reduced call centre traffic, and an improved omnichannel interface for key, high touch journeys in a compliant way. It can be implemented within weeks and customised to your brand.

Optimise Digital Lending

ezbob is an end-to-end, modular, white-label digital lending solution. It enables automated lending decisions within 20 seconds, using 40 pre-approved data service providers to enhance credit decision making. It can be implemented within weeks.

Get real-time Customer Insights

Revuze uses AI to deliver real-time customer insights and sentiment, without the involvement of IT, market experts, or lengthy projects. 

Don’t let Legacy hold you back

OpenLegacy is an enterprise API integration and management platform that easily creates digital services without being held back by your legacy systems.

Protect against Cyber Risk

Our suite of cyber tools (DC/IA, HackerU, Orchestra and Paygilant) provides an end-to-end offering to proactively and continuously manage cyberthreats.

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We provide world-leading mutualized services for the financial services industry, Delta Capita engineers mission critical services, leveraging a unique combination of recognised industry experts, proprietary technology, and capital.


Running mission critical services for banks over years.


Recognized industry professionals at your service.

Proprietary tech

Influence, direct and control the tech that underpins services.


The ability to co-invest with clients in a mutual cause for growth.


Real world experience experts

Our team of expert consultants, equipped with a curated portfolio of leading fintech tools and platforms, provide end-to-end solutions to overcome financial institutions’ most challenging digital, data and regulatory issues.

Headquartered in London with offices around the world, we work closely with our clients to ensure they effectively and efficiently comply with regulations, simplify operations, reduce costs and innovate their business models.

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Fintech & Innovation Insights

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