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The time to reinvent the investment banking value chain is now. In doing so, investment banks can ensure they have the upper hand in a rapidly changing, technology-driven landscape.

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Investment banks constantly have to deal with new regulation and capital requirements, increased costs and reduced risk-taking capacity. In addition, with historically low interest rates, market conditions are generally unfavourable. The resulting pressure on costs has seen different sourcing models emerge across the globe, along with the use of bi-lateral outsourcing providers – neither of which have delivered sufficiently.

As pressures increase, we believe that investment banks stand to benefit from the mutualisation of those parts of the value chain that do not confer competitive advantage, as this will allow investment banks to make a structural change to their cost base in keeping with the return on equity demands of their shareholders. It will also allow investment to be concentrated on the things that matter most.

The speed and sophistication of technology development offers a wealth of opportunities, such as removing old legacy costs and moving to more variable or volume-driven costs, as well as revolutionising client journeys.

In addition, new revenue opportunities are abundant in the data that investment banks process. Evolving techniques to derive historical analysis and predictions can deliver real value to clients.

The journey starts by settling on a strategic identity that informs investment, partnership and divestment plans. This, in turn, demands a committed delivery programme.

How Delta Capita can help

The Future starts now

As a trusted partner in the re-invention of the investment banking value chain, Delta Capita provides:

  • Strategic advice from proven industry executives
  • Strategic transformation programme design and execution
  • Mutualised processing platforms (evaluation, design and execution)
  • Digital servicing and ways of working
  • Data analytics
  • Operational resilience
  • Regulatory compliance optimisation
  • Know your Customer (KYC) and Client Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Know your Supplier (KYS) and third-party risk management
  • Cybercrime prevention
  • Organisational design and improvement
  • Performance improvement

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We provide world-leading mutualised services for the financial services industry, Delta Capita engineers mission critical services, leveraging a unique combination of recognised industry experts, proprietary technology, and capital.


Running mission critical services for financial services over years.


Recognised industry professionals at your service.

Proprietary tech

Influence, direct and control the tech that underpins services.


The ability to co-invest with clients to drive transformation.


Real world experience experts

Our team of experts, equipped with a curated portfolio of leading fintech tools and platforms, provide end-to-end solutions to overcome financial institutions’ most challenging digital, data and regulatory issues.

With offices around the world, we work closely with our clients to ensure they effectively and efficiently comply with regulations, simplify operations, reduce costs and innovate their business models.

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