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As social and economic change continues to affect the insurance industry, it has never been more important for insurance providers to develop strategies and prepare scenarios to effectively improve resilience – leveraging on the unparalleled possibilities offered by technology.

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In a world of rapid technological advancements, many insurers are hampered by their legacy-dominant application landscape, while increasing regulatory demands and ever-changing global risk environments compete for executive attention.

Old value-chain inefficiencies are ruthlessly exploited by new entrants with business models fuelled by technology and adopted by a tech-savvy generation that cross borders between classic industry sectors. In short, now is the time for market players to increase their competitive strength.

How Delta Capita can help

Future-ready Insurance

At Delta Capita, we are committed to helping our clients create organisations that will not only withstand the future, but thrive. In designing and implementing strategies, business models and operations, both the resilience and relevance of a company can be enhanced. We do this by either removing existing performance obstacles or by developing new strategic options for value creation. With our collective knowledge and experience, we establish an effective direction to capitalise on the benefits of the changing insurance landscape. Our advisory services include:

  • Strategy translation
  • Target business operating model
  • Change roadmap aligned to strategy
  • Business case and change mandate
  • Transformation leadership to align, motivate and drive an organisation to achieve change
  • Outsourcing strategy and evaluation
  • Managing innovation and alliances
  • Programme assurance and turnaround
  • Customer experience
  • Strategy and innovation
  • Digital transformation

The Power of Mutualised Processing Platforms

As cost pressures increase, we believe that companies stand to benefit from mutualised processing platforms. By sharing parts of the value chain with other providers that do not confer competitive advantage, insurance players can focus investment on the things that matter most, make a structural change to the cost base and maintain compliance and service standards.

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We provide world-leading mutualised services for the financial services industry, Delta Capita engineers mission critical services, leveraging a unique combination of recognised industry experts, proprietary technology, and capital.


Running mission critical services for financial services over years.


Recognised industry professionals at your service.

Proprietary tech

Influence, direct and control the tech that underpins services.


The ability to co-invest with clients to drive transformation.


Real world experience experts

Our team of experts, equipped with a curated portfolio of leading fintech tools and platforms, provide end-to-end solutions to overcome financial institutions’ most challenging digital, data and regulatory issues.

With offices around the world, we work closely with our clients to ensure they effectively and efficiently comply with regulations, simplify operations, reduce costs and innovate their business models.

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