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How Delta Capita automated the Account Opening process for a Global Investment Bank with Xceptor

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Expedited client onboarding has sat at the top of the shopping list for Retail and Investment Banks alike for several years now. However, very few organisations have been truly successful in realising their KPIs. 

At DC we are passionate about automation so that our clients can focus on allocating resource time to achieving true business development and commercial goals. Our partnership with Xceptor has allowed us to solve age-old pain points for many of our Investment Banking clients and reinvent their end-to-end processes. 

This article focuses on automating the very beginning of the Client Lifecycle: account opening. Very often, the speed at which an Investment Bank can begin trading with their clients – with little to no friction in the process – can be the differentiator between achieving time to trade SLAs and has a major impact on customer satisfaction. Banks cannot afford to waste days or even hours waiting for their documents to be manually reviewed before they can begin dealing with counterparties. 

Automated Account Opening: A Delta Capita use case 

The mission to build an accelerated solution to client onboarding is met with some challenges. Banks typically face difficulty automating processes that are characterised by data that is: 

  • Unstructured 
  • Dynamic 
  • Arriving from myriad sources 

We partner with data automation platform, Xceptor, to combat these challenges. They also understand that: 

  • Data complexity is increasing, yet 
  • The burden of regulation is growing 

In light of our specialised Data and Technology Consulting offering, Delta Capita were approached by an Investment Banking client to implement an automated solution to Custody Account Opening. 

How did we do it? 

Consultants from DC’s Xceptor Centre of Excellence would subsequently iterate the model in a document-agnostic way through: 

  • Collecting additional business requirements on a weekly basis 
  • Configuring and modifying custom extensions in C# 
  • Building an additional process for Markets Account Opening 

As a result, Client Onboarding teams were able to focus solely on process exceptions and issues, freeing up significant time in their daily workload. 

Benefits for the Client  

How Delta Capita can help you 

Automating the end-to-end account opening processes may seem like a formidable task but it is an essential requirement for competitive advantage and happier customers. Reach out to see how Delta Capita can apply our expertise to support you in effective automation; saving money, valuable resource time and reducing regulatory risk. 

We additionally offer a variety of Data Analytics and Data Science solutions to the finance industry. To learn more about our service offerings, enquire here