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First year in Bangalore solidifies DC’s presence in India

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As we pass the one-year anniversary of our Bangalore office opening, I look back at this exciting journey full of challenges and successes and reflect on how far we have come.

Delta Capita India launched in July last year with a small team of 15 people and has grown substantially across all areas.

Starting the position virtually and having to navigate via the new world of Microsoft teams and build relationships on a screen rather than in-person, it was a proud moment when our very own office in Bangalore, Karnataka opened with 40+ people.

By the end of this quarter, we would have already grown to 75 people – surpassing our goal to double the team!

A laptop, a desk… and a burning ambition

Imagine setting up an office during lockdown with not much more than a laptop, a desk and a burning ambition to achieve one goal; building DC’s presence in India. That’s what I was tasked with on my first day at Delta Capita in April 2021 – during the peak of Covid lockdowns in India.

I walked into my study and started interviewing candidates from the get-go. We hired the first batch of six recruits in June 2021 and they joined the client office virtually. We also worked hard to procure laptops for all the team – and, with our legal team, to get the DC India subsidiary registered, which we achieved on 26 July 2021.

We have now created a high standard of support for employees in areas such as a seamless payroll, best-in-market insurance policy, aligned HR policies, and most excitingly, a physical office where we can connect, brainstorm and bounce ideas off each other.

Strategic hub with a strong talent pool

The Bangalore opening has attracted highly experienced people to join our dynamic and fast-growing organisation.

We selected Bangalore as a prime location for our expanding global footprint as it is a strategically important hub for the region with a mature and strong talent pool along with access to some of the best universities in the area.

Delta Capita are in the process of launching The DC Centre of Learning. This will be our world-class training centre that gives graduates the technical knowledge to excel in their work and learn the communication skills that they will need for working on client sites and projects.
This will be available for graduates in Asia to help them to build their skill-set and develop in their careers.

Local Indian ingenuity and an entrepreneurial culture

Delta Capita is committed to spreading a reinvention mindset. We are establishing a value-centric workplace that fosters innovation and collaboration as we combine local Indian ingenuity and expertise with entrepreneurial culture and a customer-focused value system.

One year after starting DC India, business is on the upswing as we continue to bring our consulting, managed services and technology capabilities to Bangalore and expand our global footprint. We look forward to what the next year will bring!

To find out more, contact Delta Capita and speak directly to one of our experts.