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Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services offer our clients an opportunity to enhance their delivery

Managed Services offer our clients an opportunity to enhance their delivery

capabilities whilst continuing to reduce their fixed cost base.

capabilities whilst continuing to reduce their fixed cost base.

Managed Services

Financial institutions continue to evaluate their operating models to deliver the highest quality of service and control, but with a more sustainable cost base. Progress so far has been achieved by automation of core processes and outsourcing staff to lower cost locations. However, there are some heavy fixed overheads which remain, particularly in support of more complex areas of the business which continue to be critical to both business growth and client needs.

Delta Capita’s Managed Services offer our clients an opportunity to enhance their delivery capabilities whilst continuing to reduce their fixed cost base.

Delta Capita Managed Services are targeted at:

  • Business critical or client sensitive processes which are not proprietary in nature
  • Functions requiring specialist expertise and/or technology
  • Where there is limited or no commercial advantage from maintaining the capabilities in-house.
Managed Services - Platform Assessment

Our model

Our model allows financial institutions to continue to offer a full range of services to their clients, whilst better aligning the costs with revenues and maintaining flexibility through business growth.

By offering a blended solution of on-site, off-site and offshore services, it enables us to ensure continued face-to-face access to expertise for our clients, but delivered efficiently when required and at a lower cost.

Our ongoing investment in specialist technology to support our services ensures that our clients have access to state-of-the-art tools without the ongoing burden of maintenance and updates.

As a provider of specialist services to multiple industry participants we are able to invest in process efficiency and automation in areas where individual clients would not achieve the same return on investment. In turn we are able to pass on the benefits of these efficiencies to clients through improved service and lower costs.

Managed Services - Delivering Value
Managed Services - Typical Client Goals

How Delta Capita can help

With our support clients can consider transforming current processes, technology and support services into externally provided managed services.

Delta Capita Managed Services can help you to:

  • Lower existing fixed costs
  • Reduce permanent headcount
  • Remove barriers to entry to new markets
  • Increase the quality of services
  • Access cutting edge technology (without large capital investment)
  • Release value from existing assets

Delta Capita has a range of existing managed service propositions, each supported by deep domain expertise, a proven track record of delivery and experienced leadership which ensures safe and effective implementation and execution.

Delta Capita is able to assign practice-oriented experts who have operated at C-suite level and consulted with global institutions to help evaluate and develop the best solutions and target operating models.

We are also helping clients critically assess their technology platforms and internal services, allowing them to allocate scarce resources to areas that differentiate them from their competitors.

Our services can be leveraged quickly either in components or utilizing the full service offering. Further details of these propositions are available to download and we would be happy to provide further information and demonstrations. Please click here to contact us.

Managed Services - Platform Assessment

Managing Director, inSPire Structured Products
Mark Aldous

Mark Aldous

“Delta Capita offers an expanding set of managed services to our clients. We focus on functions where specialist skills are required on-site and complemented by off-site and offshore service offerings”

Our existing range of Managed Services

We develop various value propositions for our clients. The following illustrates the breadth of our capability across Managed Services: