Insurance Transformation


The insurance sector may be heading towards a perfect storm. Advancing technologies are not only changing how insurers interact with their customers, they are also changing the underlying risk profiles, putting pressure on traditional distribution models and lowering the barriers to entry for new players. These new realities force insurers to fundamentally rethink their business model and improve their organisational change capabilities. Designing for the future no longer means altering just your product portfolio – it now affects the whole value chain. We can help you to develop strategies, business models and operations to rebuild your organisational resilience and your customer relevance.

How Delta Capita can help

  • We are passionate about delivering value and creating a solid impact.
  • We focus on solving real business problems and getting things done rather than offering a purely strategic advisory service.
  • We translate your vision of the future of insurance into concrete business and technology solutions.
  • Delta Capita offers a range of value propositions enabling you to fast track your project.
  • We work with selected partners to leverage best of breed applications while maintaining our independence.

Case Studies

  • Insurance innovation and new business models.
  • Digital claims processing.
  • Customer engagement.
  • Customer co-creation.

Head of Benelux
Tom Kastelein

Tom Kastelein

“Developing strategies and preparing scenarios to effectively improve your organisation’s resilience is essential”

Value Propositions – Insurance Transformation

We develop various value propositions for our clients. The following illustrates the breadth of our capability across Insurance Transformation