Electronic Trading

What We Do: Service Model

Our service model extends the traditional consulting advisory role through the coupling of Electronic Trading and Data expertise, solution design, delivery and managed services capability.  This allows our clients to directly link our advice, data technology and science to the realisation of benefits.

Electronic Trading – Service Model

Electronic Trading - Service Model

What We Do: Delta Capita Innovation Team and Accelerator Frameworks

The Delta Capita Innovation Team is our internal R&D Laboratory.  Partnering with Academia, we review, buy, build and prototype solutions, leading to the creation of accelerator frameworks to facilitate the rapid delivery of cutting edge solutions.

Electronic Trading – Innovation Team and Accelerator Frameworks

Electronic Trading - Innovation Team and Accelerator Frameworks

Delta Capita Accelerators: Delta>Genesis

Electronic Trading Real Time Microservices

Leveraging our expertise in architecting Market Leading Trading Platforms, our Micro-services accelerator framework delivers the non-functional fundamentals of a modern trading platform.

  • Fine grained functionality enablement and enhancement
  • Ability to be nimble & quicker release cycles
  • No Down Time
  • Hybrid Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Graceful Service Degradation
  • Real-time data replication & streaming
  • Modern interfaces for mobile & digital enablement
  • Reduce reliance on legacy technology
  • Fully de-coupled functionality
  • Optimised resource utilisation
  • Better, faster, cheaper service to the business

Electronic Trading – Micro-services Framework

Electronic Trading - Micro-services Framework

Electronic Trading – Base-Services

Electronic Trading - Base-Services

Delta Capita Accelerators: Electronic Trading Hybrid-Cloud Solution (Mesosphere)

Regulator compliant; Multi-cloud; Multi-region; Multi-datacentre; Highproductivity, Cost-optimised


  • Compute intensive services can be deployed on hardware, but managed as Cloud-Native. Hyper-scale to cloud
  • Heterogeneous resources abstracted into a single compute fabric for all of client E-Trading
  • One open source API to control a logical, hyperscale datacentre
  • E-Trading Solutions workload sharing distributed infrastructure
  • Remove infrastructure lock-in, common fabric across all platforms
  • Regulatory compliant data and operations localization/affinity


  • Enable developers to focus on building new applications instead of integrating underlying services
  • Leverage client assets to develop new services
  • Lower friction to try, test and adopt next-gen technologies
  • Designed for agility across developers, data engineering and operations with elastic CI/CD
  • Identical infrastructure throughout testing / staging / production

Electronic Trading – Accelerators – Hybrid Cloud

Electronic Trading - Accelerators - Hybrid Cloud

Delta Capita Delivery Methods: Agile “Squad Model”

Embracing Spotify’s agile approach, Delta Capita provides:

  • An approach that is built to dynamically scale as the environment evolves modelled on Spotify Engineering Methods
  • Loosely coupled but tightly aligned self organising squads that deliver high quality working software with high frequency
  • Squads embrace continuous delivery practices, minimising the feedback loop and building a “fail fast, learn faster” mentality

Electronic Trading – Agile Squad Model

Electronic Trading - Agile Squad Model

Delta Capita Delivery Methods: Architecture-First Agile (Continuous Architecture)


  • Vanilla Agile focuses on delivering “feature-first”, relegating architecture to being 2nd class citizen
  • Therefore, architectural integrity is impacted, often leading to future scaling issues or trade-offs


  • Applying the formal Architecture methods defined by Carnegie-Mellon SEI, such as ATAM (Architecture Trade-off Analysis) and Quality Attributes, to Agile
  • This enables a continuous focus on architectural integrity, with quantifiable evolutions, without the need for lengthy up-front “IBM-style” Architecture reviews

Electronic Trading – Architecture-First Agile

Electronic Trading - Architecture-First Agile

CTO (Co-Founder)
Petri Arola

Petri Arola

Electronic Trading Case Studies

We develop various value propositions for our clients. The following illustrates the breadth of our capability across Electronic Trading: