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Reinventing the Financial Services Value Chain.

Reinventing the Financial Services Value Chain.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation focuses on preparing and supporting the organisation in business model transformation, including its leadership, management, organisation, processes, people and technology.


Technology is not something that is only relevant to the back-office. Delta Capita understands that digital transformation presents a real opportunity for change. It is not just about becoming a digital enterprise but about using digital technology to create a better, more sustainable company.

  • This requires top-down attention and focus. In close cooperation with our clients we use social, mobile, analytics, cloud solutions and other digital applications to create commitment in an authentic way.
  • We make operational processes efficient and constantly add new developments and innovations to these processes.
  • We encourage your employees to cooperate freely and help prepare management decisions based on data and facts.
  • We will transform your business model via data, technology and other digitisation by creating focus, vision, commitment, governance and execution.

How Delta Capita can help

  • Creating digital awareness.
  • Assessing digital readiness with use of our unique digital impact analysis and digital heatmap.
  • Developing digital scenarios based on the heatmap.
  • Developing digital strategies.
  • Translating the digital strategy into actionable operational plans.
  • Setting up the digital roadmap and digital transformation portfolio.
  • Managing and executing digital projects and portfolios.
  • Setting up and implementing digital target operating mode and digital governance.
  • Executing digital plans.
  • Training and supporting digital leadership.
  • Applying several techniques such as Agile, Lean Six Sigma and our own methodology for implementing innovation.
  • Advisory, programme management, project management and digital business analysis.

Case studies

  • Wealth manager: designing and managing the entire digital journey.
  • Retail bank: developing a portal for its entire collections chain.
  • Asset manager: creating digital awareness and executing impact analysis.
  • Retail bank: programme management of digital implementation program.

Head of Benelux
Tom Kastelein

Tom Kastelein

“It is not about transforming into a digital enterprise, but about using “Digital” to become a better, sustainable company”

Value Propositions – Digital Transformation

We develop various value propositions for our clients. The following illustrates the breadth of our capability across Digital Transformation