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High-Touch in a Low-Touch Environment

High-Touch in a Low-Touch Environment

Collaboration and Content Sharing Solution

Digital Client Engagement

Improve customer experience while reducing costs and improving data quality

The ability to engage with clients in a personalised way that enhances the client experience will increase client conversion rates and improve client retention. Many processes in the client journey will benefit from better client engagement, faster time to onboard and create capacity for remote teams during high stress market conditions.

KYC, Account Opening and client on-boarding are becoming increasingly digital processes and a high touch, personalised solution to make the process engaging and efficient is a valuable tool in the relationship.

ClientVue provides the gateway to digitise the on-boarding of new clients and significantly reduce the time it takes to collect all your KYC data points. It provides a single source solution for client documentation and dynamic validation while minimising correspondence between agents and clients, improving data quality and customer experience.

Customer Services Agent Handling

Improve first-call resolution rates

All organisations have reported record levels of customer services handling enquiries over the recent weeks. As a high touch and often fragmented area for processing, having dependency on other departments and requiring call back or multiple interactions with clients ClientVue can immediately assist these high touch areas and critically transform the client experience and make customer service handling materially more scalable.

Trade Finance

Dramatically reduce the time to structure and agree transactions

Trade finance transactions can be highly bespoke as bank guarantees are tailored to meet the needs of the parties involved. The process of structuring and agreeing terms can introduce significant lead times where most of the effort sits with the bank as intermediary to the transaction.

Through its digital forms and sophisticated real-time collaboration tools ClientVUE can significantly streamline the process of agreeing transactions by reducing correspondence and eliminating time spent in ‘waiting for a reply’. A streamlined process greatly improves customer satisfaction and ultimately develops into preferred intermediary relationships.

Digital Customer Experience

Accelerate your digitisation journey and deliver exception customer experience

Being able to provide a high-touch level of service in the context of the digital world where interactions are increasingly happening online or “in device” is a source of differentiation in an increasing competitive market place.

ClientVUE provides a rich suit of tools that allow you to accelerate your digitisation journey while delivering an exceptional customer experience. Our toolkit can help you:

  • Digitise processes and make them available across all communication channels
  • Increase self-service engagements
  • Improve first-call resolution rates
  • Achieve better conversation rates by reducing abandonment

Transform the Call


Improve conversion rates by streamlining your quote to sale process

Origination of new policies has seen tremendous change with the appearance of online based distribution channels. However, providing a competitive quote is just the first step. Being able to convert a higher number of quotes into active policies depends on the ability to collect and process information efficiently.

ClientVUE offers a wide range of tools to help convert quotes into paying clients whether through self-service online/mobile channels or through guided interaction via a contact centre. Design forms that work consistently across channels or enable your agents with the ability to guide clients to a sale in real-time via Visual IVR.

Claim Handling

Process and resolve claims at a fraction of the cost while improving client satisfaction

At the core of any insurance business is the process of receiving, processing and resolve claims. A streamlined claim handling process has both direct and indirect impact on your bottom line.

In order to meet client expectations businesses are required to invest significant resources in their customer care teams and contact centres. Even small efficiency gains here, such as digitising your claim forms multiply savings by the size of your customer base and can represent significant cost reductions. On the other hand a “frustration free” claim process ultimately results in better customer satisfaction, higher net promoter scores and customer loyalty thus boosting your ability to increase revenue.

ClientVUE is a proven solution with a track record of delivery significant efficiency gains and accelerating digitisation across the insurance industry.