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Reinventing the Financial Services Value Chain.

Reinventing the Financial Services Value Chain.

Change Delivery


Change delivery is all about finding the right balance between methodology and pragmatism. Controls that are too tight can create inefficiencies, while controls that are too loose can increase risk. Effective delivery management takes into account the individual stake holders, helping to maximise their performance. You must know your team.

Delta Capita teams are built not only with their experience and expertise in mind, but also to fit the client’s culture and organisation. We work with the client, helping to extend their delivery capabilities and increasing their efficiency.

Engagement approach

  • Programme setup – governance, methodology and planning.
  • Senior partners for leadership of large and complex programmes.
  • Provide programme/project leadership teams that work well together with you.
  • Increase delivery efficiency through a combined team of highly skilled and experience project managers/team leads/BAs/TAs who know the business.
  • PMO setup and operation.

How Delta Capita can help

  • Providing access to our partners, ensuring quality execution of the project.
  • Ensuring the right people are chosen for available roles based on their skills and experience.
  • Defining and rolling out a structured governance, administration and communication plan.
  • Engaging project teams and individual team members, helping them understand how they are part of the project or programme.
  • Managing risks, issues and dependencies effectively.

Value Propositions – Change Delivery

We develop various value propositions for our clients. The following illustrates the breadth of our capability across Change Delivery