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Making the best possible decisions regarding front office trading technology is a key differentiator in today’s globalised and highly competitive markets. Complex challenges arise from the alignment of business workflows and systems while keeping in line with mandatory regulatory requirements. The Delta Capita experts can support you by optimising your front office business and application architecture.


  • As technology budgets are under constant threat, more must be done with less. To reduce costs we can perform a thorough investigation of overlapping functionality in your platforms. Frequently, entire solutions or systems can be retired or consolidated, drastically increasing efficiency.
  • Commodity solutions (market access, market data, OMS, etc.) can help provide cost savings in a number of areas.

How Delta Capita can help

  • Delta Capita provides practitioners from within the capital markets industry with extensive experience in optimisation initiatives within the equities and derivatives space.
  • We understand the cost pressures firms are facing. We can review their business models, functional, technical practices and systems to help identify where potential cost-savings can be made.
  • For example, removing overlapping functionality from platforms can help reduce cost, especially when entire solution packages can be retired.
  • We can help you to decide if commodity functionality is sufficient, or if there a need for more advanced or flexible solutions.
  • Delta Capita has unique experience in negotiating vendor contracts.

Case studies

  • A thorough understanding of all legacy systems and customisations on vendor solutions is a prerequisite for optimising your decision making processes.
  • Delta Capita has provided expert, independent delivery teams, using best practices, accelerators and differentiators.
  • In addition, our delivery teams have added bandwidth to internal teams and managed peaks and troughs in workloads by providing flexible specialist resources with programme and project management.

Sylvia Smit

“Delta Capita experts can support you in optimising your Front Office business and application architecture”

Value Propositions – Front Office Trading Technology

We develop various value propositions for our clients. The following illustrates the breadth of our capability across Front Office Trading Technology