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Reinventing the Financial Services Value Chain.

Reinventing the Financial Services Value Chain.

Business Transformation

Business transformation helps companies stay profitable, compliant and relevant in a world where change and disruption is the norm. Managing business transformation effectively is the only way companies can sustain and further build on their competitive advantage.


Corporates globally want to hold on to, or improve upon, their competitive advantage. To achieve this, they need to become more effective in:

  • Performing capability assessment and benchmarking;
  • Performing horizon scanning;
  • Initiating appropriate transformation programmes;
  • Managing the transformation programmes with a high degree of predictability;
  • Being able to define and measure the business value delivered by a programme and tie it back with the original programme objectives.

Most large transformation programmes experience substantial cost and time overruns. A large percentage of them deliver only a part of the business value originally promised.

How Delta Capita can help

Industry practitioners in Delta Capita understand business functions and the respective profitability and growth levers.

Delta Capita has developed and refined tools and accelerators over the years which can be used in different phases of any transformation program, for example:

  • Capability and process benchmarking;
  • RFI/RFP lifecycle management;
  • Product/vendor evaluation toolset;
  • Programme governance framework;
  • Organisation change management framework;
  • Audit and attestation toolset.

Delta Capita offers managed services capabilities to take over specific functions and run them on shared service/utility models, delivering SLA driven services at a reduced cost.

Delta Capita partners with niche technology providers to bring innovative technology solutions which  address specific industry problems.

Case studies

  • Delta Capita led the business transformation of a large, global financial institution of Dutch origin which involved process rationalisation, technology platform standardisation and the consolidation of business functions across the product offerings. This project also involved the formation of regional Centres of Excellence for certain business functions and using hub-and-spoke models to consolidate/relocate processes to lower cost locations.
  • Delta Capita helped a tier-one investment bank restructure its booking model to achieve balance sheet reductions for a specific location, which significantly saved on the amount of capital which was required to run the business. The client business was moved, which required the revision of a number of legal contracts. Infrastructure and shared services were established and new service providers were secured, such as new lending agencies for stock borrowing requirements.

“We partner with our clients in identifying, managing and delivering people, process and technology driven transformation initiatives across business functions”

Value Propositions – Business Transformation

We develop various value propositions for our clients. The following illustrates the breadth of our capability across Business Transformation