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Driving Sustainability in Procurement

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As more reports continue to stress the gravity of the climate crisis, many firms are scrambling to organise green initiatives. At Delta Capita, we let our team drive sustainability in the workplace. Analyst Clementine Elcock shares her experience in joining our ESG-focused working group and how she helped to implement sustainable reforms in our supply chain.

When I had the privilege of joining Delta Capita a year ago as an Analyst, I took the initiative to research Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and upcoming regulations and policies that impact Financial Services. I was aware of the concept of ESG but wanted to better understand how firms are working to tackle climate change.

Upon learning more about the concept of Sustainability, I soon discovered that many firms were launching programmes to support the global transition to a green economy. Naturally, when I found that Delta Capita had an internal Sustainability Working Group with similar goals, I was keen to get involved.

Deciding to be a part of our Procurement stream was a natural choice for me. Our suppliers are an integral part of our business enterprise, and thus we are encouraging them to embrace our values and our focus on solid ESG practices.

The Procurement workflow focuses on sustainable supply chains and aims to implement new company policies and business practices to achieve vital goals for a truly green economy. These policies and procedures ensure that our suppliers and Delta Capita have the suitable Environmental, Social, and Governance processes.

I have been fortunate to work with a committed team whose values are aligned to ensuring that Delta Capita’s future activity and supplier partnerships are as sustainable as possible. We meet every week to collaborate and share our ideas. Our involvement thus far has been centered around:

● Research to determine green supply chain opportunities
● Review of ESG rating provider certifications and methodologies
● Classification of suppliers to ensure that we maintain a green procurement network
● Creation of a sustainability Check-List and a Code of Conduct for new suppliers and supplier contract renewals

We work with the wider DC network and in partnership with fellow Sustainability Community streams, all the while ensuring our effort and visions align with overarching DC policy. Almost all of my Delta Capita colleagues are focusing on building a sustainable future and making changes at work and home.

Our Sustainability Procurement team also fully recognises the urgency around climate change and is guided by a strong sense of responsibility to integrate this into our work schedules. The Sustainability Working Group is the perfect platform to do this.

Delta Capita is a rapidly growing firm that is moving at such an incredible pace. While we are proud of this growth, it can often be quite challenging to stop and reflect on the potential negative environmental impact that occurs indirectly within our supplier partnerships.

There are also various aspects to consider, including the fourth party relationships that we do not directly manage. However, being a part of a Working Group focused on sustainable procurement means addressing these issues in isolation and implementing procedures to tackle them.

Want to be a part of an ESG-focused team? Apply to join our growing team.